Tooth Whitening

Two different methods of tooth whitening treatment are used at the practice.

The first, a home based system. An appointment is required to have impressions taken of your teeth, from these we will make small plastic trays that fit closely up to your gum line.

With the trays ready we will provide you with a whitening gel contained in syringes. A small amount of gel should be applied to the inside of the trays which can then be placed over the teeth and any excess gel wiped away with tissue.

Generally people sleep with the trays in overnight but, as long as they are worn for a minimum of three hours the gel will have time to work. The treatment is normally carried out over approximately fourteen days days or until the desired level of whiteness is achieved.

The second system is mainly based in surgery. An appointment of around an hour is needed.

A coating is applied to the gums to protect them, a strong lightening solution is applied to your teeth and a bright light is used to fast activate it. This process is repeated two to three times.

We also provide a home kit as part of this system so you can top up the 'lightness' of your teeth should you feel it necessary.

The main side effect of the treatment can be sensitivity and limited whitening, this varies from patient to patient and depends upon your teeth. The sensitivity is not permanent and once the treatment is completed this goes way.

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