Many patients simply compare prices from one surgery to another even though they are not comparing the same level of service and quality of material used in the treatment. If you ask how much does a veneer, a crown, braces, or an implant cost, this would depend on many factors such as:

  • The materials used, as well as the quality of the technician’s work
  • The final result
  • The skill and training of the dentist
  • The time spent

We will not be the cheapest clinic nor will we be the most expensive, but we do believe that we can offer very good value for the quality of treatment and level of service provided.

View our table below for a list of our fees. Please note that this price list is for guide only and actual treatment costs may vary depending upon individual circumstance.

Our Fee Guide (All From Prices)

Examination £60
Emergency £60
X-ray £10 per film
Hygiene £70 per half hour (£35 to pay as deposit when booking)
Air Polish £95 (does not include scaling)
Extraction £120 per tooth
Surgical Extraction £300+ depends on complexity
Periochip £65 per chip

Night Guard£170 per arch

Amalgam metal filling£80 ( small), £110 (medium), £140 (large)
White composite filling£120 ( small), £140 (medium), £180 (large)
ROOT CANAL: Filling to be added on top of root canal
Root canal£450 (1-3) £500 (4-8)
Re-Root canal£550
Porcelain Crown£575
Porcelain Bridge£550 per unit
Zirconia Crown£675
Porcelain Veneer£650
Composite Veneer per tooth need assessment£175
Metal Denture (cocr)From £850 (1-4 teeth) £980 (5 or more teeth)
Valplast Denture – flexi denture£750
Acrylic Dentures – Plastic£500 (1-4 teeth) £750 (5 or more teeth)
Implant consult fee£60
Bone Graft£500
Ortho consult fee£60
Ortho Retainer£170
Invisalign£4500 both arches £3500 single arch
Quick straight teeth£3500 both arches £2500 single arches
Retainer£160 per arch
Fixed wire£125 per arch
ZOOM£600 – 2hr whitening
Home whitening£380
Whitening Syringes£30 small syringe £40 large syringe
Failure to attend an appointment without 48 hours cancellation notice £1– Per Minute